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Great report, Wachs is an awesome trail guide.
It was a real pleasure to meet some fellow ADV riders, Robdogg and his buddy Brent carry the torch well. Their excitement to ride in our little paradise was invigorating. I grew up in the area, so I often forget how great it is. Wachs took us all out for a real buffet of dirt delights. Robdogg and Brent were real troopers. Wachs has mentioned that the little trail we took to get out of the last canyon was all sand and 2ft. deep whoops. I think we are all pretty worked when we got to this point.

We follow this little trail for 20 minutes, it's complete focus and willpower that keeps me from crashing every few feet. The 950 is an amazing bike that will do it all, but that thing gets heavy real fast in the tight singletrack. I'm thinking robdogg is going to be a little bummed that we took him thru this stuff on the big bike. He shows up smiling and says " You have'nt shown me anything bad today but, that was my least favorite".
What a guy. That's what makes a good riding partner.

There is another thread in the regional forum for the saturday ride.

Wish I could have been on that ride as well, but I spent saturday on my back recovering.
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