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Fridays Ride- "Oh man, are we gonna survive this?"

So we make it into Bend at about 2AM Thursday night after a long drive after work. Up the next morning at 6am, but we still need to get the bikes fueled, fill up the camelbacks, have some breakfast, etc. so we were still a tad late to Wachs place for our agreed meet time.

Wachs ( who sorta started all this by planting the idea with the "1047 mi of Oregon Desert..." ride report) says we'll start off with a short hop up to the "secret ditch", which is kind of technical but a lot of fun. [OK, how bad can a ditch be? couple of feet deep??] No, THIS is what he meant

OK, it took me a while, I'm a little slow sometimes, but I came to realize that when you saw Wachs stopped with his camera, it meant there was something on the trail that would create a "PHOTO OPPORTUNITY". Like this:

I also suspect that behind those helmets were big, ear to ear grins that were just like the ones I used to get back home when one of my buddies said "He ya'll, watch this!" That meant there was the potential for carnage and mayhem!

But, they showed what great guys they really are by coming down to help horse the big 9-fiddy around to head back down the ditch to find an easier out.

After that, were off down some 2 track for site seeing. Here's a shot of the 3 Sisters:

Uh, no, the mountains in the background are the Sisters, these guys are Matt, Wachs and Jim.

Rob, the big twin and the Sisters (could be a Dave Berry rock band name)

From there some more fire roads and 2 track to the First Water Crossing, which was another "PHOTO OPPORTUNITY" Oh boy, carnage an mayhem await! But, by now you already know that!

Another angle on Robs unplanned bath:

Just as we get the big twin clear of the crossing, we hear a rumble in the distance. Stihlrigg had picked up our trail and was moving fast, trying to catch us. Stihlrigg obviously knew about the "PHOTO OPPORTUNITY" concept and the imminent danger it entailed, so he NAILS it!

This was the first, but not the last time I would be need to check to make sure he hadn't swapped the big twin for a 450 or a 640. Wow!

Wachs, also makes the most of the "PHOTO OPPORTUNITY"

After this, it was off to Sisters for lunch. Afterward, more riding and then an early afternoon trip to a store for fuel and popsicles where we spotted this:

This little boy had his Dad on a pretty long leash, but well under control.

Oh the fire truck? I have no idea, maybe somebody else can provide an explanation??

From there it was off for more site seeing and this spectacular canyon:

Matt on the way to see the view:



Did we mention it was dusty:

And the Second Water Crossing "PHOTO OPPORTUNITY". Wachs doesn't dissappoint:

From there we went through this pretty canyon

Here comes Rob

Stihlrigg right behind, sucking a lot of dust.

Wachs- by the way this was one of the few times I saw him on the bike all day. This guy flys!

From here we were through another somewhat tight canyon, followed by some whoops to end the day. A full day of excellent riding. Thank you Wachs for leading an awesome ride, Matt, Jim , Stihlrigg it was a pleasure riding with you.

Day 2 still to come, it also does not dissappoint!

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