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Originally Posted by crankshaft
I was just trying to mount my handguards and ran into the same problem.
What did you do about the bar end side of things? Could you post a pic?
I'll have to snap some pics tonight, but in the meantime:

I ordered two Acerbis Mounting kits from Rocky Mountain ATV, both of the swivel variety. One was for the Magura bars, the other for regular tapered bars. Ultimately, I did not use the Magura kit, except to swipe a few pieces of black rubber hose.
Acerbis big bar swivel mounting kit:

Acerbis Magura bar mounting kit w/Swivel:

These are the guards I used (In black, of course) but any Acerbis guard such as the Rally or the Multiconcept ought to work:

Actually, I take that back. The Multiplo and Multiconcept are a better choice for the X Challenge because they have a little more room on the outside bend for the levers. The Rally guards sweep in closer to the levers, and more futzing and trimming might be needed.

On the clutch side I just cut a hole in the end of the grip, sliped a 3/4" piece of black hose over the Acerbis bar insert screw, and inserted it into the bar end. The piece of hose helps center the screw, as the end of the bar is actually a little wider than the part 1" in from the end (I think they are prethreaded for BMW hand guards). I placed the clamp around the bar (It has a small pass through for wiring) and bolted it all together. This side is a cinch.

On the brake side, I cut the wide part off the grip, exposing the end of the throttle tube. Then I peeled the grip back a little further and used a hack saw to cut away the throttle tube, and trimmed it with a knife to get it just inside the end of the bar. I cut back the grip to match, then went through the same process as the other side. As I stated before, to make this work on an ABS model bike, I slid the whole brake lever assembly to the right, and trimmed the ball end off the brake lever. It's still a snug fit, but by roating the brake lever/resevoir assembly and sort of tugging and grunting, it will work. It would be much easier on a non abs bike. Also, I rotated the throttle assemble a little, as I also tilted the brake lever down a little, and the throttle cable gets in the way.

in fact, if you want pics right away, go to the Touratech website and look at the bike they show in the catalog. That is the bike they prepped for Ramona Eichhorn to use on the Can2Mex trip. They used the Acerbis Multiplo handguards on her non ABS X Challenge (but they took the Acerbis logo off!) The splash page of the site ( link shows her bike with the guards mounted, and the shots of the bar risers show the clamps on the bars (link)

If you need bar inserts, send me a PM, as I cannibalized parts from the Magura kit, and can't send it back. But I could send you two bar end insterts, with black hose pre-mounted, cheap. However, these bar inserts are keyed on the ends specifically for the Acerbis guards. The tab on the end of the insert fits into a slot on the guards to keep them from spinning.
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