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It was sort of fun getting the bike prepped up and ready to ride. First stop is to go the the mega parts place. Have never even dreamed a place like that existed. Think it was called the parts city, and that was close to reality. There were literally hundreds of small shops selling every conceivable part for small bikes, with most of them specialised. Some shops were only mirrors, some were only suspensions, some only engines, and etc. etc. Within the giant building itself there were little streets of more parts. It was truly amazing.

Little interior street.

First up though was some welding pain for the bike. Needed my rear cargo plate attached, and some stand off bars made for the soft bags. It seemed sort of funny to me to own a bike for 18 hours and then be welding away on it.. One of the beauties of an inexpensive bike. And yes I disconnected the battery and also the CDI unit before they started. Did not want a " Long Way Around" fiasco with a burned up bike from welding on it.....

Now bars being fitted. Using my phrase book I indicated to the shop guy that I had been a welder for 4 years. After that they paid a lot more attention to my fabrication advice !!!

Now time for BLING !!!!! Bought the usual spare parts. Clutch cable, front and back tubes, clutch and brake levers, spare master link, and assorted small stuff.

Riding around slowly pretty soon I see a very professional looking shop. Parked in front is the motard version of my bike getting a new HID lighting system. Hey !!!!!! Just what I always wanted, a bike with a HID system... How much I ask ?? Answer, about 45 dollars. Yippee bring it on !! Then add in bar ends, hand guards, and some other small things the bike needed. Also changed the oil after only
200 kilometers just in case there was " residual swarf" floating around. However the oil was perfectly clean. Here the bike is in the middle of its makeover.

And now finished !!

Wired up the bike for the GPS and added in an outlet for the electric vest. Now the bike is ready to rock and roll . I also decided my little Casio pocket camera was not cutting it anymore so went out today and bought a new camera. It is a Sony DSC-H9. Think is about right for me doing a lot of traveling due to its small size. Will start taking pictures tomorrow with it, so if my pictures start looking more " arty" that is why. A couple more days of relaxing here, and then the open road. Chengdu is a nice place, but do not want to be " The sailor who fell from grace from the sea"............But first I need to go check out the pandas.
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