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Thumbs down Stock windscreen sucks!

For the most part, I'm liking my GS, but the stock windscreen SUCKS! Any speed over about 60mph feels like a mule kicking me in the helmet. The only thing that helped is if I removed the rear screws and laid the screen down. This, of course, produced an enormous amount of windblast to my body.

So...last night I grabbed the old cordless jigsaw and cut the flip off the stocker. I put the belt sander to it to smooth out the rough spots, and polished it off with a little 220 grit. It looks pretty nice. The buffetting is down, but not gone, and windblast is kept at bay.

I went by a fellow GS riders house, and showed him my screen. He let me borrow his Givi. I've read that for folks my height (i'm 6'5"), that the Givi isn't very effective. Actually, for me it worked alright. Buffetting was still there, but only at super legal speeds around 90mph. I did notice that the Givi screen actually rubs the plastic above the gages a slight bit. Of course, that's nothing that jigsaw can't handle.

So, now I'm wondering if I should get the MRA/Wunderluch two piece screen, or give the Givi a shot? Anyone have both and can give an accessment.

Being a former RT owner, I really got used to that adjustable screen. Now I have to set it and ride. What's the best choice?
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