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Re: Stock windscreen sucks!

[i]Originally posted by chadhargis [/i
So, now I'm wondering if I should get the MRA/Wunderluch two piece screen, or give the Givi a shot? Anyone have both and can give an accessment.
I've put about 6 thousand miles on the Givi and now, just about 1000 on the MRA. I like the MRA better. I don't think the MRA wobbles any more than anything else. Fully extended, the MRA is about as tall as the Givi, but I couldn't adjust the Givi low enough (without a drill) to get clean air to my helmet. With the MRA, I can put it all the way down and push in the top part, and it's nice and smooth. You are high speeds, the Givi feels like Lennox Lewis is smacking you on the sides of the helmet. Over 80, if I don't tuck down, I can't even read freeway signs. Not the case with the MRA, but because it doesn't block as much wind, you get a little more gorilla arm syndrome at high speeds. Anyway, I like the MRA, over the Givi. Besides, you can put all kinds of words behind that acronym, like Mentally Retarded A
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