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I guess I'm the only one who didn't know Chattanooga has quite the thriving nightlife. We spent a late evening at the Pickle Barrel, where the hoi polloi know to order the fried pickle wedges:

The next day, we headed for the town of Rock City, and in particular Point Park, which overlooks downtown Chattanooga. The park is a monument for and history lesson about the War Between The States, and as such is a fitting place to spend Memorial Day afternoon.

Translation of this sign: 'If you can read this, you're probably falling head over ass down this cliff.'

Several mature sassafras trees in the park:

Some really pretty walking and views in this little park, the smaller cousin to the famous Rock City park.

It was also in Rock City that we saw the only other BMW bike on this trip; we saw an older couple leaving a gated community on one. Otherwise, all we saw were Harleys, Harleys, and more Harleys. I didn't see any other Triumphs either, but I expect this

An interesting side note to the trip: in a few places, pictured at Cloudland Canyon and at Point Park, we saw these bent-over trees.

I've been told by a not-always-reliable family source that these trees were bent by Indians when they were saplings, in the direction of the nearest water, in order to serve as a marker for the locations of fresh water for future passersby. I wonder if this is true...

By Monday evening we were back in the Atlanta area, recovering from the walking portions of our trip. The weather for the duration of the ride was clear, free of rain, very warm (90 degrees very day), and quite hazy from the smoke. In our hometown, we could smell the smoke, but didn't have to go far west before the smell was no longer noticeable, only the somewhat poor visibility.
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