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Originally Posted by mrmaico
The thing I would worry about by mounting them farther out is it will possibly be putting a little more stress on the bodywork at speed. You also might be getting too much air past the inner edge of the winglet by moving them out. If I were you I'd just mount them as close to the pictures as possible.

On mine it doesn't look like I would be able to adjust the screen all the way up without it hitting the winglets. I've never bothered to check it out because it looks like I would be looking through the screen at my height (5' 10"). I think some people have had to trim a bit off the screen to get the full range of adjustment. And besides I think it looks dorky with the screen setting straight up.


I have mine set at this angle, haven't messed with the adjustment in at least a year......

I went ahead and mounted them close. In other words I can only adjust my Givi screen about half way without hitting the winglets. That should be okay because I run the Givi in the lower two settings anyhow. I'll take pictures sometime pretty soon. Had a lot of projects today so I haven't had the opportunity to try them out yet.
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