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R12GS Battery Draining Issue

My R1200GS has been in my hands and on the road for just over 3 years. I had been having problems getting the original battery to hold a charge. (Have the software update from last year) Thought the battery was going south, so I put an Odyssey in there. Seemed to be going ok, but today I went to take it for a spin after sitting untouched for 2 weeks, and had nothing. Just over 5v in the battery. So, I threw the charger on it and took the Jeep wher eI had to go. .

Now, I hadn't left any accessories or lights turned on. I intend to completely disconnect all of the non-stock stuff, which will be easy since it all runs off of a Blue Sea fuse box, just to get that completely out of the loop.

Two questions:

1. Am I the only one whose R12 battery goes flat for no reason?

2. Have you found the culprit?
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