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Batteries Are An Achilles Heel

Originally Posted by Emoto
My R1200GS has been in my hands and on the road for just over 3 years. I had been having problems getting the original battery to hold a charge. (Have the software update from last year) Thought the battery was going south, so I put an Odyssey in there. Seemed to be going ok, but today I went to take it for a spin after sitting untouched for 2 weeks, and had nothing. Just over 5v in the battery. So, I threw the charger on it and took the Jeep wher eI had to go. .

Now, I hadn't left any accessories or lights turned on. I intend to completely disconnect all of the non-stock stuff, which will be easy since it all runs off of a Blue Sea fuse box, just to get that completely out of the loop.

Two questions:

1. Am I the only one whose R12 battery goes flat for no reason?

2. Have you found the culprit?
The care and feeding of batteries in a cycle, motorhome, golf carts, whatever continues to be a vexing problem. The culprit may be the battery because of some heretofore abuses. Dropping-a battery below 80% of its charge capacity too many times (what's too many and how could that happen you ask) signiicantly affects the battery's ability to hold a future charge, but is not limited to that: incorrect alternator output voltage, etc. can do that as well. You dealer should be able to easily determine the ouput of your alternator but you have to ask, remember, they ain't all gonna volunteer and also put a 'load' test on your battery. Checking the output (voltage) of your battery NOT UNDER LOAD is worthless.

And while most will disagree with me on this, I purchased Deltran's Battery Tender and keep the battery on it whenever I'm not riding (in garage). Don't use one of the el-cheapo trickle chargers or worse yet, a high-amperage charger. If your bike is a CAN-bus model, install a direct to battery pigtail for the Battery Tender. While some may consider this a PITA a dead battery is a bigger one! Proper caring for a battery will truly extend its life and not leave you in the lurch when you most need it. Also, the pigtail, furnished with Deltran's Battery tender terminates with a 'capped' SAE plug and a set of battery clip cables. Throw those battery clip cable (with the SAE plug on the end) in your important stuff to carry. Should you ever need a jump, while not long enough to reach a car battery, you could at least reach someone's jump cable. Also, make sure if you get a jump they turn off their engine.
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