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I'm at 32K and the only time my bike wouldn't start is when I hung my helmet by its strap and activated the running lights and killed the battery, even down to 8.

I have seen a few like yours, and have found it to be a drain on the battery from an accessory, even though it wasn't on. One was an autocom system with a short in the wiring, and the other was a Piaa relay gone bad.

Check your battery voltage with the cables connected, everything off, and then disconnect the neg cable and check the battery voltage by connecting the meter to the pos and to the neg directly. If you have a significant difference with the battery disconnected being at least 3-4 tenths of a volt higher, you have a drain.

The above listed Piaa relay drained 1.3 volts. Replacement fixed it.


PS Then again, it could be a bad computer as listed above, but doubtfull.
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