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Originally Posted by A.solgaard

I've found a dr 200 - 96 or 98, I forget, with 600 kms for $2300 canadian. I believe it to be a pretty good deal. my only question is, how bad is it really on the highway? some people on this thread say it's okay, some say not so much. is it really whining out at 100k - 60 miles an hour? I was thinking about doing a trip to baja later on this year, riding from somewhere in SoCal, down, would this bike be sufficient? I have no doubts about it on the trails as far as nimbleness and lightness goes, but the highway thing is my only concern.

If you weigh 130 pounds soaking wet and travel with a minimum of gear, you could change the sprockets so the rpm's aren't so high at 60 mph, and the bike would be all right to go road tripping. But if you're a guy like me, 200 pounds, and want to carry camping gear, the motor is just not big enough, unless you're content with cruising at 45 mph on the highway.

The 200 would be great once you got to Baja, but getting there would be slow.
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