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Okay - I'm in! As a newer owner, I've been annoyed by the wind noise on my helmet. I installed my winglets last night. Of course, I'm totally paranoid about getting things wrong when I drilled through the plastic, so I obsessed for about an hour getting them just so.

After seeing this picture (above) - I fear I mounted them about 1/4"-3/8" to the rear - barely overlapping the seam of the bodywork on the back side. I still have plenty of room for the outlets - but I nearly lost sleep last night with my OCD personality, fearing that I won't get the correct slipstream characteristics.

Someone (preferably with an aeronautical engineering degree) please give me a little reassurance that 3/8" rearward mounting won't completely screw up any benefits from these!!! On a positive note, they are perfectly symmetrical and the screen operates with just enough clearance...

Anyone have some real-life insights? Someone want to console me?
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