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Originally Posted by knybanjo
Are the clearances and procedures the same for the "old" engine (95 & before) as they are for the "new" one? (96 & beyond) I downloaded a pdf manual a while back......but the only one I found was for the "new" motor.
Procedure is about the same, clearance is different, i think.

'95 and earlier are (IIRC) .003-.005" for exhaust and intake. I set all of mine to .004" and it seems to be happy.

(My clickiness was actually because I left one of the spark plug boots off and it was grounding to the frame. D'OH!)

ibcmcl - I've been runnning my Anakees at ~30psi, and they are working fine. I've run them up to 40 psi on trips with lot's of luggage. The front is at about 10k miles, the rear at least 6k, and I think I'm going to get another 4k out of them. I guess that makes up for the slightly higher initial purchase price.
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