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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
My bike must be special then. I have never used a tender on any bike, including my 05 R1200GS, and have left it sit for weeks, while I was out of town on travel, and never had it not start, even in sub-freezing temps. The bike is always parked outside.

While I agree the battery is marginal, I disagree you MUST use a tender on them. That is, unless you leave it parked for months.

What may not be readily apparent in this thread is the overall condition of the battery at any point in time. As I stated earlier, a few deep discharges could very well lessen the batteries ability to accept future full charges and thus be prone to some of the ills stated. The problem may not manifest itself immediately but over time. Chances are that you have fed and cared for your battery and perhaps others have not. That is, you have not deep discharged the battery multiple time and have avoided early sulfation. And, my earlier point about putting it on a 'managed' charger such as the Deltran Battery Tender is that it offers the highest probability of proper caring for your battery and attendant long life.
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