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Originally Posted by fixinbones
Okay - I'm in! As a newer owner, I've been annoyed by the wind noise on my helmet. I installed my winglets last night. Of course, I'm totally paranoid about getting things wrong when I drilled through the plastic, so I obsessed for about an hour getting them just so.

After seeing this picture (above) - I fear I mounted them about 1/4"-3/8" to the rear - barely overlapping the seam of the bodywork on the back side. I still have plenty of room for the outlets - but I nearly lost sleep last night with my OCD personality, fearing that I won't get the correct slipstream characteristics.

Someone (preferably with an aeronautical engineering degree) please give me a little reassurance that 3/8" rearward mounting won't completely screw up any benefits from these!!! On a positive note, they are perfectly symmetrical and the screen operates with just enough clearance...

Anyone have some real-life insights? Someone want to console me?
The winglets on the yellow bike are actually farther outboard and foward of where they are mounted on the GSA. Notice how the accessory socket is not centered in the winglet cutout.[/quote]

There was a message posted earlier in this thread stating that this "yellow" bike was actually an ADV model bike that had been repainted. If you go back to page three or four there are photos of this bike with extra reinforcement under the faring. I just took the guys word for it that this bike was a GSA....just painted yellow. My point is that I also assumed that these winglets were mounted correctly for a GSA....because it is supposed a GSA.
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