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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
Well One thing is for sure, at least so far..

Sounds like the Famous Marketing Forcasting geniuses at BMW Miss the Mark big time.

Since half the bikes on the photos are set up as "Touring" machines and the other half as "Hyper Motards"

Anybody is Really ussing (not Possing) one of the Monsters for what is design for..

Pure Breath Dirt racing machine...!?!?

Ps: I have seeing some Impresive pictures from some members, but I can not remenber who they are.

These are strange comments, coming from you, since you use a motorcycle for everything but what it is actually designed for? I'm sure you've already got a multiple bike rack designed in your head for an HP2.

But Ithink you got it wrong. I'm betting marketing came up with the SM rim option. Engineering would have given Behr the specifications required for the SM rims but marketing would have come up with the rationale for the rims: current market trends and increasing sales of an extremely expensive niche machine. Sounds exactly like a marketing initiative.

The HP2 is still a BMW and it still retains BMW's versatility. In the early part of this season I've done an enduro course, a track day school, two track days and a couple weekend tours on and off-road. I'm hitting two rallies this weekend (Friday the 13th and the CVMG) and then another trackday on Monday.

You're not a poser if you are riding.

Calabogie race track last weekend...

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