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Originally Posted by fixinbones
There was a message posted earlier in this thread stating that this "yellow" bike was actually an ADV model bike that had been repainted. If you go back to page three or four there are photos of this bike with extra reinforcement under the faring. I just took the guys word for it that this bike was a GSA....just painted yellow. My point is that I also assumed that these winglets were mounted correctly for a GSA....because it is supposed a GSA.
Huh, Now I'm confused!!!!!!!!![/quote]

Well I think you are fine wherever you mounted your your winglets first of all. But I was just trying to clarify the photo being used here. So the original poster said, this yellow GS is actually a GSA and not a standard GS. This claim was supported when they were pointing out the extra support under the faring. Like I mentioned there are more photos near the beginning of the thread. I personally have no idea if the yellow bike is actually a GSA. But, I can say that my 06 GS does not have the same support under the faring as what is pictured here.

One of the points I was trying to make that IF the yellow GS photo is actually a GSA, THEN the photo would be the proper factory mounting location for the winglets.
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