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Penny-Tech valve stem pull-thru tool

OK... it's not really penny-tech. It will set you back about 5 bucks and a half hour of you're time.

Earlier today, Tholand (KTMtalk) made a post asking about anyone who might know a fellow that made tube type valve stem pull-thru tools. That original thread is here.

We’ve all seen stem pullers before… from leverage bars to cable type pullers, but they all have one thing in common, they attach to the outside of the valve stem, making them pretty useless for motorcycle wheels… unless you’ve got those rims with huge, oversize stem holes and the rubber grommet that pops into them.

Years ago… back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and every tire had a tube, there was such a tool, readily available, that could be used to pull the valve stem thru the hole by screwing it into the core threads, rather than over the stem threads. But, much like dinosaurs and 24.9 cent a gallon gas… those days are over.

Back to Tholand’s post. I responded, thinking of the current outer thread type pullers, not really knowing what he was talking about.
Then, I did a little research (after the fact of course) and found that a gentleman was making a motorcycle specific tool.
The down side is that his e-mail and the website I found the tool at are defunct.

So, I decided to make my own. To make a long story less long… I thought I could make a tool with a valve core. That was wrong headed thinking on my part.

On to plan B.

I went down to the Taiwanese auto parts store and bought a cheapy valve stem tool.

Then I pressed the two pieces apart and proceeded to drill out the part I needed... and toss the part I didn't.

Looking around, I couldn’t find any braided stainless cable, and I couldn’t find any hi-test fishing line… probably because I don’t fish.
But I did find my trusty spool of safety wire… Eureka!

And this is the finished tool… well, OK, it’s the first finished tool, the last pic is the finished finished tool, but with fancy rubber hose over most of the safety wire.

The hole is big enough (and chamfered on the ends too) for the safety wire to slide thru easily, but not big enough for it to pull out when its doubled over.

That’s about it. Thanks Toland for pulling an idea out of the deep dark recesses of my cobweb filled brain and making me go spend a whole 4 bucks and hours time in the shop. Now I got a tool that I always want when changing a tire… but never had (or at least haven’t had in about 25 years) until now.

So... how's tricks?
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