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Originally Posted by creeper
About the response expected. A bit of ... and a bit of

It's just a tool, and like most tools... value is in the hand of the user.
It's all a matter of what you've experienced in your little bite of the world that determines a tools value.

For them what like it and will duplicated it, good on ya’… and I hope you never have to use it on a mountainside single-track in the snow.
For them that don’t see the value... no worries.

I totally agree.. and as mentioned.. am not trying to be a smart ass.. it's just that I am intruiged that you have had trouble enough seating the valves that you designed a tool for it.. which is an awsome tool.. just I never heard of people having trouble fitting them before.. but there are obviously guys out there that do have trouble.. and I have not been listening hard enough..and to them.. this tool is awsome...

Good on ya mate... top jop.. and up there for thinking
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