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Originally Posted by Snuffy
What did you find on your survey? Do you also research the Blue, Black,etc?
Thanks for the interest. Our lab is generally interested in AZ native fishes, many of which are imperiled.

Eagle Creek exemplifies the effects of nonnative introductions/invasions on the native fish communities. Upper and Lower EC are separated by a diversion dam, which provides some water to Phelps Dodge (to help in all their evil mining deeds). Incidentally, the barrier prevents upstream invasion. Above the barrier the fish community is primarily native. Below the barrier is almost all nonnative fish. Here is what we found...

desert sucker, sonora sucker, Gila chub, longfin dace, speckled dace

smallmouth bass, red shiner, western mosquitofish, yellow bullhead, channel catfish, flathead catfish, green sunfish, common carp

Representatives from our lab will be surveying both the Blue and Black rivers later this summer, but I have never been.
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