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JackLs Thailand/Cambodia Adventure Pt III

This was one of the best guest houses in Thailand in a town that few tourists get to. (
Our room:

The view from our room:

and the obligatory breakfast shot:

The also serve the best Mexican food you'll find in Thailand (unfortunately no Margaritas though).

We set out to find a waterfall, but never did. We did get in some good dirt riding though.

On our return to town we passed this.

We went back & met them. A classic biker gang from Chiang Rai. Spent a bit of time having a drink with them. Then we played tourist & took a boat trip up the Mekong.

Our Sam Pan pilot, Odd (yes, that was his Americanized name).

The nice thing about a trip like this in a place like Thailand (as opposed to the US) is you can have a beer.

and bring your own lunch to have a picnic on an island.

The best thing is that if you give your pilot a beer he lets you take over & pilot home.

In the next e-mail to my friends it was great to say "I spent my Saturday piloting a Sam Pan down the Mekong. What did you do?"

That night we wandered down the river & partied with the Chiang Rai bikers.

The scary thing about this picture (& Thailand in general) is 3 people in it are male.

Ah, the devil Thai Rum, Samsong

Next it was off north towards the Golden Triangle. We stopped at a local bazar.

It was a bit bizarre.

Passed some monochrome dragons.

and reached the Golden Triangle.

where Thailand, Laos, & Burma meet. They are all visible in this photo.

Then on to Mai Sai.

We finally ended the day back in Mai Salong where I'd been on the jeep trip. We stayed at the same guest house, Shinsane, but got a bungalo.

The next morning we left through the dining area.

We stopped at some caves on the way. This reminds me of a line from the song One Night in Bangkok.

Back in Chiang Mai we took one more ride before Jessica headed back to the states. We headed west up the hill towards Doi Suthep & followed directions to the 'hidden temple'.

We also caught Aeh & his friends playing Takraw.

I spent the next while partying too much in Chiang Mai, watching MotoGP at a local bar, and recovering from a cold. At almost 60 days in country I headed up to Burma so I could get a 30 day visa. I took a different route & passed through Mai Sun.

Then went on up to Chiang Rai for a few days with a quick up & back to the border. Found this cop stand.

After returning to Chiang Mai I did a bit of riding out to the east.

Encountered a road hazard, Thai style.

And other strange sites.

Dragons, American Indians, & busts of dead presidents.

Finally, after 50 days in Chiang Mai I left my bike with John to sell (got a bit over $400 for it) & flew back to Bangkok.
I checked out the palace area.

Next, by tuk tuk, Metro, riverboat & train I travelled to Kanchanaburi in western Thailand. I stayed at:

The front left corner is where my room was.

And my view on the way there.

The first night I met the proprietors of The Ant Bar just down the street & spent most of my nights there.

But what makes Kanchanaburi famous is the bridge.

It is the Bridge on the River Kwai.

Built as part of the Japanese railroad into Burma during WW II the whole length is known as the Death Railway because of the number of Allied POWs & slave laborers who died building it.

I rented a scooter & headed out west following the railway. As I wouned around roads following it I ran across these guys.

and shared their Whisky for breakfast.

I continued west into the mountains.

This terrain made me think that at any moment King Kong would come climbing around one of the peaks.
I toured a very good Death Railway museum which I highly recommend if you ever get to the area.

From here I returned to Bangkok & then took 'The Worst Road in the World' to Cambodia. Ankor Wat, Phnom Penn, & the south will have to wait until next week though.

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