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JackLs Thailand/Cambodia Adventure Pt IV

A few hours from Thialand you reach the Cambodian border.

Where the money changers rip you off & then you get on a bus for a 14 hour journey on the worst road in the world'. I'd heard stories about this road from my father & others. I later talked to a rider from Wales who had ridden all the way to Cambodia & he said this was the worst one the entire trip. Another biker from Libya said it was 2nd only to one in Libya.
Finally, after 19 hours on buses, mostly standing up, & one breakdown, in the dark, where I was the only person on the bus with a flashlight, after we finally reached pavement, we made it to Siam Reap.

The only reason this town exists is because it's the staging area to see the Ankor Wat temples.

While wandering around Ta Prohm temple

there was a tremendous thunderstorm so I hid out with some of the workers, under their tarp, who took the opportunity to take a shower, wash clothes, & play a game.

Then more of the temples

I had hired a guy from the guest house to run me around to all the temples. They are quite spread out but you could easily get there by just renting a scooter or even bicycling.
My "guide".

Local kid.

By now my bargaining skills were becoming pretty good so when they tried to sell me a baby girl for $100.

I was able to get them to the point they were going to give me the girl and $100. Of course I couldn't get a baby back into the US so I had to decline.
So more of Angkor Wats locals.

And temples.

I saw this column of ants coming out of a temple wall so I followed them up, around, down, & back into another crack about 100m away. Never seen anything like it.

Finally the last temple, of the Queen.

From Siem Reap I caught a riverboat to Phnom Penn. I wanted to go there because I had taken UN troops in from Indonesia in 1995, while in the Air Force, to monitor their first democratic elections.
It was a much more modern boat than I expected.

We first cruised along through the Floating Village.

Then past one of the old riverboats.

We arrived in Phnom Penn & I had a guy on a scooter waiting to take me to the Green River Guest House.
The view from the GR GH over the lake.

I thought this would be an interesting government agency to work for.

Maybe we should start one in the US. We have enough Cult & Religions.

Phnom Penn is a beautiful

and interesting city.

It's also the only place I've had someone on the street offer to sell me Hashish, Marijuana, Heroin, & then a sandwich. Odd.

After 5 days in Phnom Penn it was time to head south to Kampot. Took another bus and got a flat on the way.

A quick repair while we ate lunch & we were on the way.

Kampot was a colonial French town which was hit pretty hard in the Khymer Rouge - Vietnamese war.

I met one ADV rider there. Oliver, a French kid that had bought a Russian Minsk in Vietnam, grabbed a helmet, & hit the roads of SE Asia.

I also met some British expat bikers, especially Christian who owned the Rusty Keyhole & had a nice new Yamaha 450.

Above Kampot on a huge mountain is an old French hotel & casino called Bokor. My intention was to rent a motorcycle & ride up there but everyone in Kampot I talked to about it said the roads were too bad & you had to go by 4WD. I signed up on a tour & the people who told me about the roads were obviously not ADVrider quality. They would have been a piece of cake.
Anyway, our first stop was a waterfall.

We had a really crappy lunch of rice & chicken feet.
Then, as the clouds closed in, an old church.

And then the Hotel/Casino of Bokor.

In this last shot you can actually see the clouds blowing through.

As we began our trip home we encountered a roadblock.

Fortunately there were a number of us & after about an hour taking turns with a dull hatchet we cut our way through & returned to Kampot.
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