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Finally! AKDuc's Dust 2 Dawson Ride

Well it was just last Fall that I decided to finally get a dualsport bike to do rides like this and hang with my dualsport adventure buds.

This year marks the 15th annual Dust 2 Dawson ride. It's a funfilled gathering every year around Solstice in Dawson, Yukon. It's HIGHLY recommended for anyone venturing into the "Great White North" area!

Advrider JimBlack and I had decided to do the ride together in one shot as opposed to a 2 day trip most others were doing. Ak Leather Barb, her husband Vic, and ak greeff (Ryan) had originally wanted to do it in 2 days but ended up joining us on the long 500+mi 1 day ride from Anchorage to Dawson. Good thing Barb had us getting started at around 7am as it took longer than we thought it would and the Canadian Border is only open 8am to 8pm AK time.

Here we are in front of my place getting ready to head out.

The next few photos don't have Jim or Ryan in them as when we stopped in Eagle River 15mi north of Anchorage they both realized they had forgotten their "papers" for the border crossing and had to go back and get them! While none of us have ever been asked for them it's best to be prepared. The border guards in both directions ended up being very friendly. They had all us riders gather together, looked at our driver's licenses, and waved us through without us even taking our helmets off. Barb asked me if I noticed how the Canadian guard asked me if I was a resident of the US. She said it was because of my dark complexion and features.

Here's Vic headin up the Highway north of Anchorage.

There's a little construction goin on up north and it made for a nice little rest stop. The "lollipop girl" (Canadian term for flag girl) waved us to the front of the line. Here we are are admiring Barb's new Beemer she had just gotten the day before! Barb has a friend paint her helmets a bright orange for increased visibility. And that's KL5A on the far left and his son on the far right. They would get all the way to another construction area north of of Tok before getting a hole in the radiator of one of their bikes and sadly deciding to turn around.

Yay, some dirt! Even if it is only a construction zone. Fun being at the front of a line of traffic.

Headin down into the Caribou Creek Canyon. This is another of the growing number of areas I used to really enjoy on a sportbike BEFORE they straightened the road. Oh well. I've been told about one semi truck a year would fail to negotiate a corner on the old road.

After a quick lunch stop in Tok here we are at our last US gas stop in Chicken, AK before heading across the border into Canada.

Historic Jack Wade Gold Dredge just north of Chicken.

Into Canada. Top of the World Hwy. Jim's beautiful Adventurer and my lovely little KLR with awesome backdrop.

Headin down some fun twisties. That's Barb ahead of me having a great time on her new bike. Sadly, this fun road would prove to be her undoing on the return trip. No, she didn't get hurt but her bike did sustain some damage. She was still able to ride it all the way home.

As one might expect, some SNOW on the Top of the World Hwy.

Waiting for you the bottom of the mountains is the free short little ferry ride across the river to the town of Dawson wich will also conclude this post. I'll start a new one in town. Mark H.

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