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Okey dokey, the poker run. It was a 60+mi loop that took us through some very beautiful scenery up down and around the surrounding mountains. We were having wonderful weather and this was another VERY hot and dusty day! But still, a lot of fun. And oh yeah, this was by far and away THE hottest temperatures any of us Northerners had experienced in a VERY long time!

I almost didn't make the ride as I'd been ailing slightly since leaving Anchorage. The lack of sleep before leaving, probably not hydrating enough (even tho I thought I was), and the irritation caused by a photochromic visor not getting dark enough for the brightness of altitude and massive dust encountered led to my having a bit of a lasting headache. Bummer. Lucky for me, Jim very graciously offered to share his room which proved convenient for me to duck into for short rejuvenating respites during the day. I'm so very very grateful to him.

Anyway, I'd heard about how beautiful the poker run was and decided even tho I wasn't feeling 100%, I really should give it a go. Glad I did. As you might imagine, more incredible scenery. And even tho maps were provided, it was good idea to go with someone with a GPS as there are a LOT of roads from all the mining that's gone on for many many years and continues to this day.

Quite a few made the run. We had a lot of fun jabberin at the top of the domes that offered such impressive unobstructed panoramic views as backdrop. More fun with many friends.

And remember me mentioning the two on the cruisers? Again, the road they had to ride to get up here surely tested their mettle! Even Barb commented about how they should be given some kind of award at the banquet.

Another checkpoint was at the top of a dome behind town. That's Dawson way down yonder in the lower left! And let me tell you, the paved road up this one brought out the sportbike (no, not motard) rider in me! Yeah baby! I even accidentally touched a toe in one of the corners. A fellow rider made a comment about my riding style especially with the TKC knobbies I was runnin. Fun!

There was a final "extra" bonus card offered to those who had a GPS. You should've seen the line of riders following the GPS guys. Bunch of little lost sheep, I tell ya. Of course I don't have one mounted. I just sell them, I don't use them. And Jim does have one on that big fancy Beemer of his so a bunch of us got in line behind him. He and another "leader" said something to the effect of "maybe taking us on a wild goose chase just for fun." But they were kind and took us to this last one tucked away off the side of the road behind some bushes along side the river.

Back into town. A short break before the well renowned banquet. Again, I apologize for no photos as I didn't attend because of aforementioned illness. Shucks. I was bummed. I even found a free ticket earlier that day. I gave it to Jim who hadn't gotten one yet. He was happy.

Following the banquet were the motorcycle games. They included a slow bike race, a 4 cone challenge, a blindfolded ride and stop, and a 4 ball drop into progressively smaller cup competition for the solo riders. Sorry, no photos again because I was a bit "out of it" AND I was a participant! I was really looking forward to these and did fair in a few but .... Maybe it was the pressure of such a boisterous crowd! Oh well, maybe next year. There were also a couple contests for those riding 2-up. In the first, the female pillion had to throw a couple water balloons up at the same time over a pole and catch them. In the next the girls had to try to take a bite out of a suspended hot dog. You can imagine the hilarity!

Then came the passing out of this years D2D stickers at around midnight. Here's JacquelineL who got the 'Traveled the Farthest' award at the banquet. She rode 15,000mi to get to here! And she was headed up the Dempster with some others after this!

And here are some "big players" of D2D. That's Fighter in the bright shirt handing out a sticker to Nosi, aka Brian, in the plaid shirt. Brian was the overall winner of this year's games. Notice the lovely new Garmin Zumo, graciously donated by GlacierCraft Scott, between the two, that Brian had only won only an hour before! It was put on by fellow thumper rider Beezer and crew. And that's my good bud Jim in the lower right. Brian's also a sportbike rider from Anchorage and he'd just gotten his lovely new DR. He also had to be talked into entering the games! Congratulations, Brian! We later met up in Tok on the return trip and he commented on how he'd gotten the DR up to 100mph according to the Zumo. I'll be wrapping up the thread in the next post. See ya.

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