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Alrighty then. Let's wrap up this short little adventure, shall we?

One last town shot that includes our illustrious, lifelong Alaskan, and photochop artist, Tom S. He EVEN has 2 cameras around his neck! Tom has been a longtime fan of Buells and really seems to enjoy using Beemer riders in his most entertaining of photochop creations. He refuses to drink of the Kool Aid. Even this shot seems to capture his lurking about just looking for another opportunity to capture something that might be of great value later on. Go Tom go!

Barb, Jim, and a few others decided they were getting up early in the morning to head back to Anchorage. I decided to join them as I'd enjoyed all their company so much and felt like remaining a part of their little traveling group.

It was another beautiful morning. The cool damp morning air had lingering smoke from far off forest fires creating a slight haze in this photo. The little ferry can only carry a couple of the larger motorhomes, land barges, and a couple smaller vehicles. We were told the line of motorhomes would be VERY long as these people get up REALLY early! Lucky for us motorcyclists, we got to be at the front of the line again. We also went to the front up at the border where the line was even longer!

Here you see a very happy Jim who expressed a certain sadness about this wonderful journey was coming to an end. Later in the day he even mentioned of how he had to bring himself back from wondering where his next trip was going to be in order to better enjoy the beauty of our return trip into Anchorage. You can barely make out the LONG line of those waiting to cross!

The beauty of our day was briefly interrupted when Barb had a slight "get off" on her lovely new bike! She was relatively unscathed and the bike only slightly scraped and broken. Barb is SO into ATGATT, preaching it daily at that she told of how, even as she was sliding across the gravel, all she could think about was the girl seen earlier riding in a t-shirt. For a long time I've called her "the motorcyclist's best friend" up here because she'll do whatever it takes to get a rider into proper gear. Good thing there's more to her business than just selling us sheepskin buttpads and Monkey Butt Powder!

Now just look at Jim's face. He can't even believe, and he stated this a couple times throughout the day, that Barb was seemingly so unaffected by the crash and remained in such high spirits! Tho truth be told, she did ask him for a couple Advil later in the day. I also reminded Jim of how she's been there and done that before. Yikes, poor girl. And that's Barb's main "tire" man and advrider Bones GSXR, aka Doug, helping to make her bike ridable again.

We all stopped at Fast Eddy's again for lunch. Awesome food! Great salad bar! Then when Jim and I were talking to the waitress about how we thought the Bumble Berry pie in Dawson might have been the best we've ever tasted, she said "well we have our own there on the menu called Forest Berry Pie!" Man, was it delicious!

Another longtime Alaskan, the beloved Reverend Don Deitz, pulled in on his KLR while we were there. We also ate with Jeff, on the right, who'd just ridden from Maryland on his 'Wing. Jim, who was born in Fairbanks, and I were both raised in Anchorage and we had to set Jeff straight on how there were more impressive and beautiful sights to be seen by heading south in Alaska rather than north if you're limited by time. Just our opinion of course.

Well, that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to read through all this jibber jabber and looking at all the pretty pictures. It's fun to share with those interested. Now come on up into the Great White North and experience it for yourself. And if you already have, well we'd love to see you again. ESPECIALLY at next year's D2D. Take care, Mark H.

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