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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy

What you describe above sounds like your KEY might be failing. On a dual sport ride last month, a guy on a new GS ADV got the EWS off the beaten track, on a dirt trail.. just as we were about to tackle a steep quad track. The dealer who had organized the ride was there and he said he had had a few EWS ring antenna failures and a couple of keys go bad. He said the key symptoms was an intermittent EWS message, then the bike would work. Always carry a spare.

And short of reprogramming the BMS-K computer at the factory, there's no way to defeat or disable the immobilizer..
Ricardo has it right on this one how may GS have been stolen not many in my opinion as useless as tits on a bull and mine has early breast cancer

Now to my point
I have an intermittent failure and it seems to occur at the most inopportune times with no pattern that I can think of I am bringing the bike in for a new antenna tomorrow (part finally in)
If I get a spare what is involved in replacing the EWS and is it a road side repair if EWS dies or is there any computer programing involved to read the new antenna?
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