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Originally Posted by jimblack
Great Report Mark,
You should be a journalist! I officially name you the D2D Public relations specialist.
Had a great time! Lets plan another.
Thanks, everyone. You're too kind. And again a special thanks to ^ my good friend Jim who was a life saver for me on this trip.

I'd like to add even a little more to the friendship spin of this thread. And that's the retelling of how Jim and I got reacquainted thanks to advrider. See, Jim and I lived across the street from each other back in the day and our sisters were best buds. I usually say we grew up across the street from one another but Jim has said something to the effect of our still maybe not having grown up yet. Jimmy (yeah, that's what we called him) says he remembers me kickin over my 'ol Maico 400 and also coming over to help him get his his little YZ80 goin. The name of the street is Toklat and for you hockey fans, it's the same street Scotty Gomez grew up on and still uses as a summer residence.

I hadn't seen Jim in many many years and only ran into him once in passing a couple years ago at our local Harley shop. He's still an owner and I'm a frequent visitor.

Then earlier this year I was pleasantly surprised when I got a PM from him here on advrider telling me that he was getting a BMW Adventurer. Too cool. Since then we've done a couple shorter rides together around the area and this was our first longer one.

I know I've told this story before but I always enjoy sharing it again. Besides that, I hadn't included any smiley happy facial shots of us together on this trip! So once again, here's to friends reacquainted.

"Team Toklat!"

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