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Johnny Bravo
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This happened a few weeks ago while out riding with my wife. She got on her bike, started it and and was ready to go. I sat there confused that mine wouldnt start, "EWS" appeared on the screen. It was the first I'd seen anything like that before. I tried a couple of times and looked at her. She asked what was wrong and I told her..."It wont start"

Now...there just happend to be about 6 other sport bikers parked close by, they were all gathering around their bikes and checking us out during this little side show.

She said...."what do you mean it won't gotta push the button!"

I was sort of aggravated by that comment, as if..what do you think I've been doing!"

So in my "I'll show you what the hell is wrong attitiude"....I turned the key, looked over at her pushing the button for the 10th time.....thinking....."tell me to push the button!!!..what am I stupid?!....

I pushed the button and it started right up.

She looked at me....shook her head as if "what the hell's wrong with you?!" Then drove off.


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