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Thanks Jim,

I just emailed them this: It's a bit alarming but maybe someone will respond if we all email them.
To Whom it may concern:

Myself and many other riders are extremely discouraged and not confident in our motorcycles ability to be ridden far from home due to the many, many EWS failures and the long waits to fix them. I feel it should be an option and would gladly pay a large amount of money to have this feature disabled on my motorbike. I am hesitant to look at future BMW purchases because of this simple feature (EWS): If the Key or antenna fails it renders the motorbike..which otherwise is perfectly fine and able to be ridden..useless. BMW dealerships cannot repair this item without long stays at the dealership and usually the antenna is not in stock..leaving the motorcyclist stranded and out of a vacation or at the very least a nice ride and out of rides for the continuing months while one waits for a part. PLEASE CONSIDER FIXING THIS AND GIVING US, THE RIDER, THE OPTION TO DISABLE THIS UNPREDICTABLE FEATURE. I love everything about my BMW..but this one item is more than enough for me to consider selling it and not replacing it with another one of your products. Thank you for your time.
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