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Originally Posted by gdeiss
Just Ride and Steve GS have both gone to 40T rear sprocket on their DR200s. Just Ride is a self-proclaimed 200 lbs, while Steve GS is 140 lbs. Just Ride sees quite a performance improvement, while Steve GS is not so sure, it seems. Just ride expects an improvement in gas mileage, but Steve GS sees a 20% drop.

I, too, had thought to go to a 42T or 40T, maybe even the easily found 39T for the rear. Now I'm thoroughly befuddled. I hope Tweeker43 can get his 39T installed soon and clear things up a bit.

Tweeker, the pressure is on.

I somewhat expected the drop in economy.

Once I took the rpm readings and saw the a 5th gear cruise at about 4900 I knew there would be a drop. How far I was not sure. The increased wind load is the major player here. The only other variable is the Shell V-Power that I was running in this tank.

I hit reserve at about 240mi and I'm still on reserve at 290 without a side flop to dump the right side fuel to the left (petcock side). I'm going for range mileage points to overall reserve, left, and finally right to get absolute range. Let me also note that the first 100 miles on this tank were with the 15:42 final, that was figured in when the fuel mileage was calculated.

Klay and others have done some tripping on their 200's reporting mileage in the 80's and they will run their bikes at a higher rpm than I do so I think I'm right in the mix.

With the 15:42 I try to cruise at 4500-4800 rpm and if I hold will always pull about 290 (about 105mpg) before hitting overall reserve point.

I've decided to go back to the 15:42 because I'm only 2 months away from my departure (James Bay Road) and need to sort out a few things. The trip length being 2500 miles I really prefer the 40-42 mph cruise (easy on engine and less wind resistance) to 45+ though it may take longer and the battle with traffic at certain points may be more of a challenge.

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