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Originally Posted by Klay
I found that lowering the rpms at a given cruising speed took too much power from the engine for a person my size (200 pounds) with camping gear on the bike. I can get 70 to 80 miles to the gallon, but only if I keep cruising speed between 30 and 40 or so. I invariably push faster on a long trip. Good thing the DR200 has a bigger gas tank.
If I remember right you were running the 15:45 final (OEM)and it has a sweet spot at 37 mph indicated. With the 15:40 I tried, anything below 4900/45mph/in 5th (GPS) you could tell the engine was lugging, it really needed to spin up. This pup only has so much power, if you need more get a bigger bike. However, it gave perfect rpm running points at 25,35, and 45 mph (GPS reading).

Our 250 Ninja is the same way; with a 15:41 final (I think OEM is 14:45) and limiting the rpm's to 6000 (60 mph) the darn thing will get 90mpg. If you like to play in the 7000-10000+ range you are down to 80mpg or less. Though mathematically this 250 should be able to run 140mph, wind loads in the real world limit it's top speed to just a touch over 100mph (land speed record).

Just went with the Bridgestone TW 301 and 302's to replace my worn out TW 18 and 19. Though they are a touch larger, I compared rim sizes of several bikes I have and these should be a good fit. Will post pics when fitted. Unlike many of you my intent is use the DR200SE as a MT rig and the Bridgestones look to be a good compromise for me for surfaced and dirt road traveling.
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