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Originally Posted by mx125
Mine might be an unwanted question at this point . .but assuming the EWS does work for 98% of bikes . . and by creating no easy system bypass (even by skilled engineers, of which there are many on this site), does that not create a meaningful deterrent to theives?

The reality that some owners don't want it is a separate issue. Perhaps actual theft numbers are the proof. Have GS's proven to be less common targets?

If yes, then the lack of any bypass or 911 type mod just shows sign of a strong security method by BMW. . no?

London bike theft is rampant and they love GS's there. Perhaps some have insight.
This may be the case in London...but I can leave my GS with it's keys in it here and nobody will even look at it except for to wonder who the hell would want to drive that ugly thing This is the land of Harley Davidson..most folks don't know BMW makes a Motorcycle.... BMW did a MAGNIFICENT job with the EWS as far as theft deterent...but the states..these bikes are worth more as parts as it's not easy to sell a stolen BMW GS..I would you do that...So a theif doesn't care if it will run or not..they'll just throw it in the back of truck and have it in pieces and on ebay by the end of the day.

I would gladly have a sticker saying "THE ANTI-THEFT DEVICE ON THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN DE-ACTIVATED...HAVE A NICE DAY" If it meant not having to even think about having a problem like this (the biggest deal is it's not an easy fix) And I don't think there's many parts of London that are 500 miles away from the nearest dealer

Damn..just went on Yahoo maps...London is less than 300 miles from Paris...I'd be there in the time it took me to get to Indianapolis
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