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Originally Posted by MJS
Have small bills, as they could not make change for a $20 when I was there.
They can't even break $5 quite often. Good idea to carry a wad of $1 (and $5) bills everywhere. They've come in handy for me several times.

[El Salvador] In addition, even though we said we were transiting through, they gave us a two-month permit.

Next stop was the exit gate where they checked our import permit and the municipal tax collector extracted a $5 fee for each bike.
Same for me on the permit. I never said a word to the guy about how long I'd be there. I got 60 days stamped. I never paid $5 to anyone...

The Honduran reputation for bureaucracy is well deserved. . Ignore any helpers around here.
Agreed and agreed.

In our case, they would not accept copies of the registration without seeing the original. We made color copies of all original documents before leaving and these were accepted (a little color goes a long way).

My color copies of all my documents have been accepted everywhere without question, except my first entrance into Guatemala. The woman told me she needed the original. I told her she was the first to notice.. and she never mentioned it again. She didn't point out my fake drivers license.

Pay $10 usd per vehicle for the clerk to type the form into the computer. Take the completed paperwork to the bank in the center building (between exit and entry lanes) and pay 532 Lempira ($28.50) per vehicle).

I paid the ~$30, but I don't think I paid $10 to anyone else. Paid a reciepted $3 to the customs agent who stamped my passport.

we spent less than 2-1/2 hours to exit El Salvador and enter Honduras. There are plenty of stories of 3 and 4 hour crossings into Honduras Compared to the time we would have spent trying to find our way around and the translation help, it was worth it to us.

In my case, four hours, although that spanned 1.5 hour lunch. After lunch, an office worker came out and helped me through. I don't know if that's standard or not, but she brought all my papers to the copier, the bank, customs, immigration... and whenever she needed something from me (A few bucks or a signature) she asked me for it.

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