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Originally Posted by dugmar
It seems he would entertain the idea, but he would have to get an idea of what is involved first.

"Would need a programmed Bike brain that would surely be junked. And wiring diagrams for the bikes in question."
Wiring diagram PDF FILE HERE

Your engineer is going to have to call salvage yards and surf ebay. Maybe inmates on this site interested in this issue can help track down a junked bike's computer, etc. You need to start by showing him the GS911 fault code reader and maybe he can do something with it. If you don't have one, I'm sure one of us can lend it to you.

You can be sure, any money you shell out in the process, you will recover it when you will have a captive market. I just came back from my dealer's and he shakes his head when it comes to EWS issues.
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