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Final Test Report On McCruise Cruise Control

I had the opportunity this weekend to do an extensive test on the McCruise cruise control on my 2007 GS Adventure with ABSII (2).

The installation was done by Master Technician Barbara Williams @ BMW Daytona (FL). The installation is neat and truly looks 'factory' installed. I offer this unabashed opinion of BMW Daytona, Lee Florin (service manager), and Barbara because of their willingness to 'invest' time and effort in the installation and go out on a limb and install a product that's not in the BMW inventory.

Here's, once again, is a picture of the unit, installed. Notice how it complements the other controls and McCruise has done a very nice job of also color matching the controls. Also, being a fan of corrosion prevention, the bracket is stainless steel along with the fastener(s). Nice touch by the way.

The unit is almost more 'carlike' in its appearance than the standard cruise on other BMW models. And it works flawlessly.

1. The lowest speed I attempted to engage the cruise was just below 35 mph. IT MAY ENGAGE LOWER. A nice feature around town or those miserable roads where they should be 55 but the local constabulary makes a living on the 35.

2. We don't have that many hills here but it holds speed at less than +/- 0.5 mph which is IMO excellent. That was an area I was personally concerned about.

3. The ACCEL and DECEL buttons work like the BMW Cruise, but the increment to accelerate and decelerate appears to be a bit 'larger' than BMW's increment.

It's difficult to say much more about something as 'simple', at least in function, as cruise control. Suffice it to say it works and is a very, very welcome addition to one helluva fine touring/Adventure cycle.

I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I am not sure all dealers will embrace this technology, that's your problem to work out. I also suspect that the more adventurous 'wrenches' on this site could tackle the project. I know that Barbara studied the installation for some time and that of course it can be done. The 5 or so installation hours for a certified technician likely would have translated into 'tragedy' for me; not that I'm inept, but having all the proper tools and a lift go a long way. DIY or have a dealer do it, I opt for the dealer, providing you have one that's customer oriented and/or sees this as a business opportunity.

One last item that's has nothing to do with McCruise but is important. Perhaps someone will move this to a dealer review; but, getting your bike back without scuffs, grunge on the seat, and looking like it came in is[very] important to me. I suspect that they work hard to accomplish this!
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