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Originally Posted by BMW Atlanta
Stop you're crying You're just on a roll today with what seems to be pretty solid assertions by yourself, perhaps refraining from making statements and asking questions would be a better approach?????

and it is what it is so stop whining, would you rather go on incorrect assumptions and not have anyone correct? It's not meant personal, it's just straight to the point. You can take it as egotistical, but it's just my jackass playful personality This is ADV Rider afterall, not some stuffy regulated site correct?
i've been around here a long, long time
and i know exactly how this place is

you represent a DEALER and NOT yourself
you should have 2 identities around here (maybe you do)
when you are posting as an individual... fire away at will... like we all do

when you are wearing the badge of BMW of Atlanta.... one of the most respected dealers in the south...
maybe you could be a little more helpful without a condescending underlying tone

thanks, in advance
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