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what attitude problem???
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Originally Posted by ClearwaterBMW
i've been around here a long, long time
and i know exactly how this place is

you represent a DEALER and NOT yourself
you should have 2 identities around here (maybe you do)
when you are posting as an individual... fire away at will... like we all do

when you are wearing the badge of BMW of Atlanta.... one of the most respected dealers in the south...
maybe you could be a little more helpful without a condescending underlying tone

thanks, in advance
So my family owns and operates a dealer which my screen name is very similar too and I cannot have a personality or opinion because $$$$ is involved? That's kinda F'ed up but never surprises me when thats the first hand thrown. Am I harsh at times? maybe, but it's not personal as you evidently have taken it. Multi-tasking between several duties here on top of playing on the forums and seeing a re-occuring theme going gets me in a no BS mode. I'll know in the future that you're susceptible to taking things a tad personal potentially, point taken. Fact of the matter is and we all make mistake every now and then remains that if you're not 100% bet the farm sure then you might be best to ask a question then make incorrect statements for some 100k folks to read and guess who gets to deal with the aftermath????????????

That's right Moi, mainly the service department. So I have a pet peeve with internet myths and how they get started.

Now that was half way on the pedestal, You really wouldn't like me if you didn't know me when I get on a roll, but that's another story, take it for what is worth, but it's not worth getting your feathers in a ruffle, it's gentleman's ribbing around here for the most part, at least my take on it.

Pictures later, really not much to it. Pull back the plastic cover immediately in front of the ignition switch, pull antennae harness out, cut tie wrap on wiring harness to ignition switch hardware, plug antennae harness into secondary known working antennae, hold plugged in secondary antennae very close to the key while turning on the ignition. If the bike now starts you had a bad antennae. If not you have a software or wiring fault and are screwed without the stealer,........errrr I mean dealer
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