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Originally Posted by johnjen
We are currently working on a way to get more threads/writeups included in the HoW. Once we get 'enough' of them we will probably create a sub-list in the HoW just for trip planning and the like.

First, let me say thank you for being a moderator, and for seeing that this great site can still be made even better. Many people would be happy to just leave well enough alone, but you seem to be active in trying improve it. Thanks for that.

I too, (like Django Loco) have experienced frustration with trying to find information that I could use to plan a ride to a new region. There is simply no place in ADVrider where good sound information, written by someone who has been there, can be easily found. I think that is sad. There is a world of experience here, and we need to be able to more easily tap into that. Of course that will burden a moderator with trying to separate good information from story-telling and opinion, but maybe there could be a rating system that would allow the readers to decide if something should stay in a HoW type travel planning forum.

I'd also love to see any new type listing of travel information elevated to the same category as all the other forums on the "home page". Burying it on a tiny click-link at the bottom of the page next to the "donate" page and navigational directions does it a disservice. I'd wager that 90% of the people who visit ADVRider can't tell you where the HoW is. Separating out the maintenance tips from riding tips is critical too. When I go to the HoW page, my first reaction is oh..... its all wrenching tips.... click. I'd bet you a beer that is what most people do too.

Anyway, thanks for addressing this and listening to us whine. Believe it or not, we too want to see ADVRider grow and improve. Starting a Ride Planning forum for travel outside the continental US would be something that could take this site to another level.

Thanks for listening.

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