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After DJ's last response I was going to actively ignore this thread, talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

But with JM's last post I will make this my last post in this thread.

Perhaps you and others have been trying to get the mods attention, but as I stated previously, I had placed a request for submissions as a sticky in EVERY technical forum. Did you completely miss ALL of them? Did anyone think to pm me, or in anyway try to contact me?

AND the text in those stickies doesn't restrict submissions to tech articles.

"This is an invitation to any and all who wish to contribute to the Hall of Wisdom...

If you have a write-up that would or could be of help or perhaps it may just be of interest to the general populace here at ADVrider... This is your lucky day... We can now, thru the modern miracle of computer technology, enable your very own words and pictures to be made available to the entire known universe...

All you have to do is get it whipped into shape so that you won't embarass yourself, let alone the rest of us... I mean my dog we do have an image to uphold

If you want, use any of the existing offerings in the HoW as examples of what looks good and has worked OK thus far....

Contact me and we can take it to the next level...

So I'd have to conclude that all of you who have been trying in vain to get the attention of us mods weren't trying all that hard. If you think that by just posting a request in a thread is enough, get a clue.

ADVrider is HUGE, there is no way a few posts buried inside a thread or 12 is going to get enough attention. We have 27 mods who deal with 209,949 Threads, 4,619,451 Posts and 43,769 registered Inmates.

If you, OR ANYONE has a great idea to make ADVrider a better place let a mod (or 2 or 3) know, directly via PM. Being a Mod means you donate your time and interest, and as such, things have and will slip thru the cracks. You want to complain that no one paid enough attention to your furtive pleas for a separate place for just a few threads/posts/writeups? Join the crowd.

Perhaps you don't remember the uproar that ensued when the scooter forum was created. A forum dedicated to just trip planning would be infinitesimal in comparison. Yes it's a good idea, that is why I'm pursuing this and will continue to do so (despite the attitude displayed thus far).

Perhaps IF trip planning becomes popular enough it might get it's own forum, but thats a mighty big if. Right now the best place for these types of write ups is the HoW. And if you can't find the HoW, ASK. After all it is available from EVERY PAGE, how many other resources here can make that claim?

If you really want to get things moving, start submitting threads, posts, writeups. And let's see how much momentum can be created. That and that alone will determine how far this will go, as it always has.

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