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I'm a DR 650S NooB

I just bought an old 1991 DR650S about a week ago,it has 4662 mi on the odo,i hope it is accurate,like not run with everything stripped off for years-n-years,doesn't appear to have been.......
Needs a new rear shock ,because the shaft corroded and ripped up the seals,any info on whether this is rebuildable would be appreciated,aftermarket may be a better investment since it is a somewhat high dollar item either way.
Going to do a fork rebuild "just for good measure",maybe a fork brace will be added also,sources?
The brakes are full of black goo from being stored improperly,and bled too infrequently.
I haven't ridden it much yet,because I like to give a bike a good going through before I take it out and get it up to speed.You never know what kind of silly things can be done to a bike in the time this one has been out there.
Need to change the oil and check for chunks,get the side covers off and check for chunks and other "sediment"accumulation...etc.etc...

I do have a shop manual that came with it,but the pics are awful.I need to check the balancer chain and valve clearances,the manual makes it look simple.
Any information about the intricacies of these jobs would be appreciated,like do the gaskets need to be replaced when you adjust the valves,or is it possible to reuse themon the acces covers?.
I know I will need a gasket set to pull off the side cases.
So far it seems to run good,gobs of power,just waiting for a gasket set and new oil filters to do the jobs I mentioned above.
Any info on these things I am going to do would be appreciated,like what the heck are"emulators" for front forks?.
One more little detail,I am very cheap,I do everything myself.
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