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Well welcome to our home a way from home just theres no toilet seats. So it never really felt like home just one of the cheapest places in yep thats correct Mazatlan. Were still here our Klr buddy lasted a coulple good hours at the gas station (longer then I would of lasted) Alex is his name and he had whiped out the maps and talked us in to leaving the coast , all excited for the cooler high country and the famos road up to Durango we jump on our bikes, but Forrest's bike wont start it was sounding like mine did the day I walked out of the doors from signing my life a way at the dealership but instead of catching, it just screamed from inside. Oh thats normal said the punk who just happen to bring my bike around front, he should be so happy for cloud nine customers like myself, hey it didnt matter I still knew I had the best bike for the money period.

I love the little mini magazines you send me with all the cool pictures and intersting articles, but please KTM use that same address and send me any news about my bike or any so called updates but please don't send them to just my dealer. Thank you very much
I love you KTM!

Our comunication head quarters during our seven day side trip, which included Forrest jumping on a bus almost back to the border, then a shuttle the rest of the way to the border, and from there a taxi to the ups center to get him and me a torque limiter gear for the starter. And then all the way back I guess that goes with out saying. This is us leaving town after seven days no kidding. If I could bottle that feeling in side, of hitting the road again, and not heading towards home, but yet south to see if the road really goes where it says it goes.

Oh yeah and I was finally able to talk him into shedding some weight. His fingers didn't even go numb like mine and we had plenty of time. Oh yeah ty vm KTM of Boise Id. for stocking some very needed parts on the shelf.

As soon as the sun went down we could see the lights from Acapulco.

Forrest showing his new style, from the mesh armor.

O.K. lets get back a little bit and then set up camp.

Follow the light.

Why do you need a tent?? Thats why!!

Waking up near Puerto Escondido.

Gettting close to Guatamala, Forrest making new friends.

Me getting directions.
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know that they are only 5 outcomes at the end of the two weeks: Finish, Mechanical, Abandon, Injuries, Death.
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