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Mike on a bike .com I think that was his web site. He was hoping to be in Alaska by fall wow! This is the next day and we zipped through the rest of Guatamala and our waiting for our paper work on the border with El Salvador. We ended up staying the night in Honduras after we checked Salvador off.

Me pretending I'm taking pictures of this.

But really I was taking pictures of Forrest, they didn't like the way he was driving one bit! Oh yeah we blew through the tip of Honduras and were now trying to get Nicaragua behind us Forrest and I have been talking a lot and we decided we wanted to get to Chile, Peru, and Argentina to spend most of our time and money in these three contrys.

So this one wasn't so easy to get out of it and a half an hour later were off again, (dont worry the gun was not loaded). Not stopping until Costa Rica just over the border in Liberia. And in waking up in Liberia were off to one of our first certified Ktm 950 shop in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Impressive crew along with the owner.

Two shots of some scenery.

After getting a few supplies we end up on the Carribean side for the first time Limon is the name of the town and we end up crashing at the airport. With armed men watching over us, we slept like babys. Ohhh just put your tents right there they said. Try doing that at your local airport, not that you would probally want to.

Where we going today?

Love waiting on bridges with seimis just to cross another fin border! Panama here we come! I want to say the small town that sits on the border is Guabito and its one of the nicest border crossings around but the longest I'll give that a way right now. Four hours a waitin.

"This is slippery he says"

Thank heaven for guard rails and thats no joke.

Hey, the truck is moving lets do it.

Hey man at least they didn't turn on the bug juice. It would come shooting out behind those black things that look like the old eightys car wash.

Did i mention how long. Long enought to clean your boots with a tooth brush.

As the kid was telling us not to worry he was wathing our bikes. Thanks buddy.
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know that they are only 5 outcomes at the end of the two weeks: Finish, Mechanical, Abandon, Injuries, Death.
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