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This is us leaving after the long wait at the border and another bridge with wet planks and people telling us to watch for nails sticking up.
Ninty percent of the time our Gps were right on. Just with the basic maps. But after we left Limon this morning we've been in the bush comparing to the rest of the trip, and the Gps like I said for the pretty much the first time weren't helping. We did some of our first dirt stretches, and then the next thing we knew we were on twistys with what looked like fresh asphalt. All the way to David Panama which is off the Panamerican Hwy if I'm not mistaken.


Thats a doulble yellow line you see there.

I just saw the bird for the first time in the frame that is.

Smooth thank you Panama Canal... Serious money for some boats to pass through. And that folks our why the roads our smooth in Panama. tyvm

I didn't scare the bird that bad he landed back behind me, imagine that.

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know that they are only 5 outcomes at the end of the two weeks: Finish, Mechanical, Abandon, Injuries, Death.
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