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We drove for some time until we saw this nice little place in the middle of no where and decieded to splurge. The owner saw us still wet from CR carribean rain some we had off and on getting to where we were, about two hundred or so kilometers out side of Panama City.

So he was nice enough and let us set up our tents off in the bushes.

The owner and his wife and another cool family.

Shows over you two gringos move along.

One more of his little Dr. Suese out side tables so if you wanted to you could eat in private. Forrest and I just sat in side had the whole place to ourselves. If I only had a picture of the spread, one of the best ones on th whole trip I love being south of the border.

About two or three border crossing back we ran into a kid from texas on some cruiser all by himself said he was coming from Panama and a ship was due to leave any time made it sound like we could catch it and what not. This is us not knowing anything about nothing. Any hoo we were moving to catch this imaginary boat and here we our Panama City day one.

Getting a feel for the city.

A little suprised not sure either one of us was expecting such a modern city.

Trying to get a view.

We get checked in and go play the tourist part down by the canal. Something you could almost say we were drawn to. Hard explaining.

Probally some rich Canadians.

Yep!!!! Watch them disappear.

This is the Miraflores Locks Panama Canal I think it was 1913

Here they go.

If only it was that easy there still there.

And open sesame. And stay out!!!!! I love Canadians. Really Just for Flanny, I'm all show, I promise.

Back on track, Forrest go ask them if there heading south.

Whats that, right on. Gettin some Forrest jumping his 950

The weekend is over and all the information we gathered is you just have to go to Colon and jump on a boat that will take you to Culumbia so were off. Well a real long story short is we get there and it's been discountunied something about mouth and foot disease spreading I got a bunch of diffrent things told to me, but theres no boat doing that run. Were told just go over to the marina and you will find someone that might take you. And sure enough we did and at the same time ran into some crazy Oklahomean trying to do the same thing on nothing other then a Klr. Well this owner was willing to put all three of us and our bikes on the back and drop us for 350 dollars in Columbia. Forrest was sure he could make them water proof and we decided we would just need a plank to get them up and over the railing.

Well he wasn't shoving off for a couple of days so back to Panama City. Our new friend John has a way better place to stay so we check into the same hotel. He has been going back and forth to try to find this mystery ferry that everyone talks about with no luck.

The Hotel has a nice garage we can park them in. Coming back from somewhere Forrest notices his bike has been dripping. The only thing we can figure out is on our way to Colon there was a traffic jam that never ended, well off went Forrest up the side with me right behind him. He hit a hole so big it caught the base of his side stand and tweaked it just right to put this hair line crack. Guess who was packin J B weld.

Now we've been in Panama City for a few days now. And finally put it together that the sail boat thing was just more adventure then we had signed up for. So what about Quito Ecuador. We get them on the boat and then fly a head and kick it for about seven days why our bike come safely on a big boat. Sounds good we already have one person that will split the cost with us, no big deal.

Good food. Still here in Panama they want us to rent a whole container for close to two thousand dollars. In all our research we hear plenty of stories of the vanishing cargo syndrome as well. Help!!! Shooting from the hip as they say can sometimes can be harder. Still wouldn't have any set dates to have to try to make.


Forrest had to tell me after that its not real. He says his neices do it as well just in the blonde version.

And before I forget south of the border you can get the tacoma I mean hilux with deisel turbo engine oh yeah baby. I also saw a Ford ranger with a power stroker sticker looked like the real thing and it was blowin smoke. Day six or seven here in good old Panama City I forget, As Forrest says," what about flying our bikes over". The container got voted down because of time of next boat leaving and cost. Off to the airport......
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know that they are only 5 outcomes at the end of the two weeks: Finish, Mechanical, Abandon, Injuries, Death.
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