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Pankeke please. So its research time on which companys fly bikes. So we got a company for 1200 dollars each one will fly our bikes to Quito, we dont get to go with them you will need another 300 plus dollar ticket for each of you they tell us. Were doing it! The plane leaves in a day. We show up after saying goodbye to our new friend hes going to hold out and try diffrent options he says.

So at the air cargo part of the airport doing all the paper work they realize back when we first came into Panama that they put all my information from my paper work with Forrests name on it, so we pretty much had paper work for one bike with two diffrent names. A twenty and a smile and some guy took off with all our paper work and a hour later came back with the fix. We now our behind and start preparing the bikes, we need to ship some of it with the bikes and some of it we need to take with us. More paper work and they come out and say ok were all good lets just get you payed up. As we wip out the good old credit they say we only except cash. It pretty much for some reason just floored us. Yeah as they tell us thats how everyone does it. They drive us back to the main part of the airport to where the atms are at, not even a chance its spittin out that much. We go back to the bikes and try to put it back together as best as possible having already talked about going to the end of the road just to see for ourselves. Why the hell we can't drive down to see our brothers and sisters in Chile for example.
Oh yeah this is Panamas verison of the security camera, and I think his radio in his hand. and his club stuck in the framing of the canopy. Nice!!!

As we fired up the bikes we realized that the road that brought us out to the airport is the same one that runs out into the jungle, the same road that is missing less then one hundered miles or so to completly link up the Americas, the same one thats called the Panamerican Hwy a dream I've had longer then I can remember to travel the whole thing. Execept for so many reasons they left just a little bit unfinished.
Darien Gap as they say the last true unconquered land. It all changed really fast modern airport to dirt then paved roads and then back to dirt. About twenty miles down this road we come on to a check point they ask where we going. I say Columbia. He sure wasn't expecting me to say that, and looking back on it he was just really surprised to see us all together. Well off the bikes and lets see your passports, by hand they write all our information down into what looked like a childerens school note book. In detail they explain to us that, If the gorillas didnt get ya, then the Indians would and if you happen to miss both of them then you always have the drug lords and their crews. So Mr. Gringo you can't go to Columbia from here on top of all that stuff theres no road just trails.
Forrest posing were almost at the end of the road, we stop to finish it in the morning.

And it was check point after check point, to get to here, all doing the samething the first check point did, Forrest says oh well at least there will be plenty of paper work letting our loved ones know where we last were.
It was a full moon when we left it just worked out that way. This is the only sign that lets us know how long we've been gone neither one of us doing a very good job at keeping track of towns and miles or days.
The excitement is in the air we both talking about driving right on and down into S. America. and what it would be like.

Here we are Yaziva. With a choclate river doing a big horse shoe, the town sits in the middle with a small bridge on the east side, you couldnt do it with your panniers on thats for sure. You look across to see the jungle right up to the shore. They say if theres a road they will clear cut it so what do you do.
As Forrest says Franky this looks like a trip all on its on. We decide to finish our trip exploring the vast country between us and home so with no regrets we start to plan. As someone yells out I want to go Scuba diving, and it wasnt me.

In getting back to Panama City we do some more research on this town that seemed to interest both Forrest and I and read of one Author I forget now, describe Yaziva as the town of drunks fighting with broken beer bottles and machetes with bare footed prositutes. The last picture was us getting some breakfast at ten in the morning and people were already cracking beers. It all made sense when we read this article, one rough town.

On the way in we see all this constuction and had high hopes of a road really going through the Darien Gap.
Wait for me Forrest on our way to finding out what was around the next corner some call it a disease.
We read another story of Range Rover with military support trying to make it, with no success I think that was in the seventies wish I would of bookmarked those stories of the town and the last jungle. Another article or journal from a guy who tried on a two wheeled motorcycle and failed realized he needed assistance talked a buddy into doing it with him, I believe the story went that they had to leave one out there in the jungle, and went home beaten. Returning a third time and taking some three months to go the hundred miles to pop out in Columbia. I think with only one machine if I remember right. I think I found one other story of someone else doing it on a motorcycle... we have a lot of planning to do and thats from someone who doesn't like to plan, I'll make a exception this time.

Look at the size of that tree Franky.

We made it out of the Jungle and ran into our buddy John again totally random in a big ass city which made us all smile. We say goodbye again after some pizza and icecream.
And do some rare back tracking past David again and into CR to find new roads waiting for us. This is us on the road to no where.

zoomed in above our heads.

It was cloudy, but were sure we saw both oceans from up here.

Forrest putting some more cloths on.

Great to be a live!!!

At first I didnt realize we were this high up I guess just not expecting it in CR. I first noticed my performance and then just glanced at the GPS and think, did I just see ten thousand plus? Taking the next corner with Forrest reving his engine behind me I glance again yep, son of a gun. Taking a little side road to get us a little higher we finally stop for the last few pictures at eleven plus. What a view oh and the curves and the semis in your lane similar to the durango road from what I've heard wow you got to be on your toes.

Lets go get rid of these tires.

Sounds good. About that time.

Who has more tread Forrest asks. Thats a silly question I say back.
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