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This is not a criticism of Baldy or the rules, I see a lot of support for Baldy and feel that it is warrented. Thanks for a great place to hang out!

But really chicks and bikes go together. If you don't want to see it don't go into jo momma. But having some arbitrary rule that everyone inforces differently is a bit of a pita. I mean whats the deal with "no nudity"? I see these pictures removed that don't show a thing because the girl isn't wearing socks. A worse picture is shown because she is wearing a sock. I mean gimme a break guys. Nudity is NOT porn. Its all in the context. I surf here all the time from work and I just stay out of jo momma. Age rules I can understand, no penetration rules I can understand. These porn rules I don't understand and I think many others don't either. Thats why so many pictures have to be pulled down and "bits flipped".

Just my $.02,
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