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Originally Posted by nomosnow
I have joined just to contribute to this thread have had 3 XL600R's over a span of 23 years. They are great bikes . My current one is a 1984 model with a dyno jet kit and a super trap muffller it has 16000 miles on it and runs great. In fact I just purchased a 2008 KLR and the old Xl will out torque it out accelarate it and is just a lot more fun to ride and fun is what it's all about. Does anyone have a dyno graph on the old Xl,s I would like to compare it to a KLR?
No, but is has 32 rwhp...if your lucky, but the torque is where its at on the RVCC motor. heres my 1996 XR600R bakes a lot of current 600cc Supermotos.
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