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KTM Ralley Bike in NJ


I have been to that place in Lodi, NJ twice to look at that KTM Ralley bike.
Considering that it is a 2000 model, it has just about all the mechanical components of a late model LC4 Adventure.
I tried asking the salesperson about telling more about what everything is on the bike, the sales guy had a thousand mile stare, and told me that he does not know what or how everything works on that particular bike. He even had a hard time locating where the turn signal switches are on the handlebar.
After taking some twenty digital photo of that Ralley bike, I figured out as much as I can without operating that machine, what everything probably do in the controls. The bike actually has two batteries, two oil tank and three fuel containers, can you believe it.. I would probably tear the map scroll unit off the top of the bike and mount the GPS in lieu. I am telling myself that I have to get it if I can't track down a 2002 KTM 660 Rally bike. All of the sudden, Brazil, Argentina and Chile seem like prime vacation spots for my next trip.
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