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Yep. I'm up to 6 now. I make sure that all the riding partners have them and a spare in the backpack. I don't like wandering around, after getting "lost" on a roll chart...OR wandering around looking for someone else who got lost. We usually don't have that much gas to spare. But, I usually try to have a hard map of the area if I am not totally familiar.

How do you show a rancher, a sheep herder, a bartender (Countdown method), etc. a map on your GPS when you are looking for "a new way?"

I do love it, when we send the Wife with our over nite stuff... and a minor map reader.... "Honey...Just follow the thingie on the screen, and follow the ruts on the dry lakes. Don't get out of the ruts or you will lost over the horizon in 7 miles. If you are not there by 6 we'll know about where you are...." "Oh US? I have no clue where Jerry and Robert are taking us...I am following another thingie."

Gotta love it!
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